Scheme and Services

SL NO Name of Scheme The amount payable under the scheme Payable to whom Eligibility Important Features
1- Maternity Benefit 10,000/- after each delivery up to two children. Registered Female Construction Worker Membership Up to two deliveries for registered female construction worker. Birth certificate of the child or certificate of delivery from the hospital necessary. This compensation is over and above the grants given by the Health and Social Welfare departments.
2- Pension (a)Atal Pension Scheme Rs 1000 / - Rs 5,000 / - per month
(b) Rs 1000 monthly pension
registered construction workers between the age of 18 to 40 years Construction Workers who have registered after attaining 40 years of age. After 60 years of age. After 60 years of age and at least 01 years of membership. The board pays the Rs. 1,200 premiums for the registered construction workers covered by the Atal pension scheme. This will be applicable only in case the worker is not covered under any other social security scheme.
3- Disability pension Rs 1000 / - per month pension. Registered construction workers. Membership In case of permanent disability due to paralysis, leprosy, TB or accident a monthly pension of Rs. 1,000 will be paid and in case of permanent and total disability a onetime grant of Rs. 75,000 and in case of partial permanent disability a onetime grant of Rs. 50,000 would be paid.
4- Death Benefit. (a) natural death Rs 1,00,000 / - (one lakh)
(b)400,000 in case of accidental death
Dependent of Registered construction workers. Membership In case of natural death of registered construction workers, a grant of 1lac and in case of death in an accident 4lacs is payable to the next of kin of the deceased. But if the death is caused by a disaster where the Disaster Management department has released a grant to the victim then the Board will pay only Rs. 1 lac even in case of accidental death.
5- Cash Reward Rs 25,000/- Rs 15,000/- Or Rs. 10,000/- to one son and a daughter of Registered Construction Workers Membership Every year the Board will select one son and a daughter of three registered construction workers who have scored the highest in their district in the Matric examination of the Bihar School Examination Board for these cash awards.
6- Medical Assistance to the Beneficiaries An amount equivalent to Chief minister medical assistance fund. Registered construction workers Membership Those registered construction workers who have not received any grant from the CM Health Assistance Fund will receive an amount equivalent to Government of Bihar’s resolve number 2353(14) dated 12.09.2006 read together with resolve number 752(14) dated 26.06.2015 for the treatment of life threatening disease.
7- Financial Assistance for Studies Full course tuition fees if admitted to premium institutions Like IIT/IIM/AIIMS. Rs. 20000 for or Equivalent Course. 10000 for Politechnique, Nursing or equivalent diploma Courses. 5000 for I.T.I or equivalent Course Construction workers' son / daughter. Membership In case the children of registered construction workers get admitted to prestigious institutions like IIT, IIM or AIMS. When admitted to a government institution anywhere in India for B Tech or equivalent course. When admitted to a government institution in the State of Bihar for a Polytechnic/ Nursing or equivalent diploma course. When admitted to government ITI or equivalent institution
8- Financial Assistance for Marriage RS. 50,000/- Registered male / female worker. Membership for at least 3 Years. Payable for up to two adult daughters of registered construction worker or own marriage of registered female worker. But in case of second marriage the worker is not entitled for this benefit. This grant is paid over and above the Inter-caste Marriage Incentive scheme.
9- Grant for the Repair of House. Rs 20,000 / - (Rupees Twenty Thousand) Registered construction workers Membership for at least 3 Years. The registered construction workers who have been a member for over three years at a stretch are eligible for this grant. The registered members are eligible for a grant only once during the entire period of their membership, hence members who have received a grant earlier for house construction/repair, purchase of cycle or tools will not be eligible for this grant.
10- Grant for Purchase of Bicycle Reimbursement of the amount of receipt or RS 3500/= whichever is minimum. Registered construction workers. Membership of at least 1 Year. The Receipt of Purchasing of Bicycle will be submitted in the concerned Office of Labour Resource Department.
11- Grant for Purchase of Tools Maximum of 15000 for tools. Registered construction workers. A year's Membership After skill development training this amount is payable for the tools of the trade for which the training has been given.
12- Cremation subsidy Rs. 1000/- Dependent of Registered construction worker Membership
13- Family pension 50 percent of what pensioner received or Rs. 100 or whichever is higher. surviving spouse of registered construction worker. After the death of the pensioner.

The provision of Sub Rules (1) and (2) of the Rules 267 of Bihar Building and Other Construction Workers (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Service) (Amendment) Rules 2016 of contribution of Rs. 0.50/- (Fifty paise) per month of registered construction workers will also cover such construction workers who have lost their membership due to the discontinued payment of contribution, subject to the condition that breakage in their membership is not more than twice.